Homeland Security Solutions

Aerofoundry is an Unmanned System Design House founded in 2008. Our team has more than 30 years of experience in complex aerial operations and aeronautics in more than 30 countries. Today Aerofoundry has subsidiaries in 4 continents and customers all over the World.

Aerofoundry specializes in Modular, Rugged Unmanned Aerial Systems for Harsh Operational Environments with Minimal Support Requirements. Our aircraft are proven in the Amazon and Central African Rainforests, Andean mountains, and North African and Middle East Desert conditions. Since 2008 we designed 14 models in 23 variants.

Our Homeland Security solutions 2022 model line, manufactured following NATO specifications, includes three models with multiple variants, from a rapid-deplyment hand-launched unit, to a tactical multi-sensor, deep penetration aircraft.

Aerofoudry's UAS can be offered with systems integrations without export restrictions.

Köpari ( Hawk)

Köpari UAS
Medium Range

A platform (produced since 2016) for mobile tactical ISR operations, with fast deployment by two operators.


Yaró (Harpy)

Yaró UAS
Medium Altitude, Deep Penetration

A Class II/III  platform (produced since 2011) for tactical ISTAR and UCAV configurations.


Texo (Hummingbird)

Medium Range VTOL

Texo is a tilt-wing, 8-rotor, hybrid-powered VTOL.