Short Range unmanned aircraft for mobile tactical troops

Transported in two backpacks and operational in a few minutes (assembly and setup).
Watupá is designed for rapid deployment by mobile troops in land and sea.

Watupá-e (Buzzard in Amazon Yanomami Language) is the evolution of our hand launched electric UAS, built since 2011. Now in its 4th refinement iteration following NATO standards, it specifically addresses higlhy mobile long-endurance ISR requirements in the battlefield.

Manufactured with Hexcel carbon fiber and Aramide, this is a rugged and easy to assemble, electric powered unit for extended day/night operations of high resolution video, laser ranging and tracking of moving targets, with a 30km datalink (extendable to 60km with a tracking antenna).

Watupá-e, is a hand launched UAS with ‹5 hours endurance and payload capacity of 2kg. With its ample cargo space and flexible energy supply, it can be suited with thrid-party payload sensors (talk to one of our Representatives about special configurations).

This platform is designed to maximize stituational awareness and operation efficiency for ISR missions of contra insurgency and anti-terrorism missions, law enforcement, and life protection in highly dangerous conditions and unhospitable environments.


  1. 4.60m wingspan, max. speed of 70km/h and 1000m max. flight height.
  2. Li-ion batteries for a 5 hours endurance.
  3. Carried in two backpacks.
  4. Deployed in 10 minutes.
  5. Gyro EO/IR high-definition video with laser locking and tracking of moving targets with a 1500m range for human target recognition.
  6. 30km datalink with a 256Bits cryptography (extendable to 60km with a traking antenna).
  7. Payload compartment wired with 18Volts-24Volts sockets up to 3 Amps to enable a wide variety of payload configurations.
  8. Hand launched.
  9. Controlled with an Android-based ruggetized tablet.