Texo Program

Texo (Hummingbird in Amazon Yanomami language) is a cutting-edge program started in 2018 arrived at its stable version at the end of 2021. This UAS is designed as a VTOL tilt-wing aircraft for complex, multisensor surveillance missions.

Texo is manufactured with Hexcel carbon fiber and Aramide, with four tilting wings carrying eight electric engines powered by a hybrid electric system, with Li-ion batteries.

The tilt-wing configuration enables this platform to:

  1. Take-off and land on moving platforms.
  2. Fixed-wing cruise speed efficiency.
  3. Vertical take-off and landing operation.
  4. In-flight hoovering capabilities.

Hybrid powerplant

The hybrid electric propulsion system is implemented with distributed, independent electric engines with tolerance failure (relative asymmetric redundancy), and the possibility of flying in battery mode-only in case of emergency, or for low-noise flight segments (only with the electric engines) during missions.

Moldular design

Designed with modular airframe architecture for fast manufacturing, easy servicing, and cost effective maintenance.


Texo’s standardized architecture enables the use of the same operational doctrine for all its variants, no matter the size.  Texo's  first version is a 50kg MTOW aircraft for ISR and IMSI catching in urban operations.

It uses the same control system, avionics, telemetry, datalink, ground control, and electronics, including engines, generators, and batteries from the same suppliers, for easier maintenance.