Yaró (Harpy in the Amazon Yanomami language) is a rugged and reliable 150kg (330lbs.) aircraft designed for flexible payload integration, and operation in extreme environments.

Yaró is a UAS family of products commercially launched in 2008. Our first commercial model was the venerable 450 single-engine, then followed by our dependable flagship, the Yaró 650 twin-engine model in 2009.

Since then, Yaró are periodically upgraded to take advantage of advances in electronics miniaturization and sensor detection range, enabling us to increase aircraft speed, flight height and range capabilities.

Yaró 150

Yaró 150 is a Class II UAS with Class III capabilities.

This very light airframe is designed to be at the top of its Class in payload capacity, cruise and maximum speed, and endurance.

Its control system alternatives range from high-end DO178C/ED-12 and DO254 standards compliant, to cost-effective autopilots, and datalinks (talk to one of our Representatives about special configurations).

Yaró is in Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 8, and is undergoing pre-commercial tests until Sept. 2022.
Aircraft Specifications
150 kg
Endurance <18 hrs
Range <2500 km
Take-off distance <370 m
Payload <60 kg
Empty weight 85 kg
Flight parameters
Altitude Sea Level 4000 masl
Take-off Velocity 100 km/h 120 km/h
Stall Velocity 90 km/h 110 km/h
Cruise Velocity 150 km/h 150 km/h
Maximum Velocity 210km/h 210 km/h
Max. Endurance Vel. 95 km/h 85 km/h
Max. Range Vel. 108 km/h 134 km/h
Endurance vs Range vs Payload
Endurance Range Payload
2 hours 148 km 60 kg
4 hours 296 km 53 kg
6 hours 580 km 47 kg
8 hours 854 km 41 kg
10 hours 1117 km 35 kg
12 hours 1371 km 30 kg
14 hours 1617 km 24 kg
16 hours 1855km 19 kg
18 hours 2085 km 14 kg

Modular Airframe Architecture

A totally new engineering concept, for faster manufacturing, and easier servicing and maintenance.

Fuel tank intelligently designed and unobtrusive, permitting internal electronics and payload location in the centre of the aircraft.

Payload bays with easy access, distributed electric sockets, and wide pipes for extra wiring and fibre optics.

Reliable Rotary Engine

Water cooled, heavy fuel, rotary engine, long TBO (800 hours), high performance with a very flat torque curve, low emissions, and very low vibration due to fully dynamically balanced rotating masses.

  • Type: 4-stroke, single rotor EFI engine.
  • Power: 42 HP.
  • Fuel type: Heavy fuel.
  • Cooling: Liquid cooled.


Yaró provides:

  1. Main central payload bay of 1.40m x 0.40m x 0.38m (4.60ft x 1.31ft x 1.25ft).
  2. Rear bay for electronics with 0.47m x 0.39m x m (1.31ft x 1.28ft x ft).
  3. Two belly insertions (for externally mounted sensors, like gimbals or Radar).
  4. Two underwing hard points for pods or pylons.
  5. Antenna location on top of the fuselage.

The internal payload compartments can be suited with swappable cartridges for easy payload plug-and-play reconfiguration.

Yaró can be suited with up to 60kg (132 lbs) of (multiple) payload, like:

  1. Radar and EO/IR/Multispectral/LRF;
  2. EO/Low-light/MWIR/LRF gimbal with target illumination capabilities;
  3. SIGINT or other third-party payload sensors.