Rugged and reliable as ever. Proven in the harshest operational environments. Be it in tropical rainforests, savannahs or deserts, you can rely on Aerofoundry’s Köpari to get the job done.

Köpari is medium-range, 3.60m wingspan, 25kg MTOW, 8kg. payload capacity UAS for rapid deployment a versatile payload configuration.

This is a very light, easy to assemble UAS designed upon de experience acquired from our Yaró 450 and 400 models, and is our airframe optimization response to payload miniaturization and increased operational requirements in this segment.

This model has three times more endurance than Yaró 450 carrying a similar payload weight, with advanced control system alternatives, custom configured datalinks, and a steadier and more precise navigation and higher flight ceiling (talk to one of our Representatives about special configurations).

Rugged, easily deployable and highly dependable

Köpari is slimmer, lighter, and even more aerodynamically capable.

Köpari is light, rugged and easy to deploy by a team of two servicemen in 30 minutes (depending on its payload configuration). The entire turnaround process, from recovery to re-launch, takes less than 15 minutes.


Wingspan 360cm
MTOW 25kg
Payload 8kg
Max. Velocity 160km/h
Cruise Velocity 120km/h
Take-off distance <74 m
TMax. Fight Height <6000 m

Modular Airframe Architecture

Airframe designed for ruggedness, easy assembly, servicing and maintenance.

Payload bay (40cm length, 28cm width, 22cm height)  with three covers for easy access to the different payload components, distributed electric sockets, and wide pipes for extra wiring and fiber optics.

EFI Liquid-cooled Engine

Water cooled, fuel-injected 11HP engine with a 360-hour TBO (servicing every 80 hours), enabling Köpari to reach a 5000m flight height.

Reliable manufacturing with aluminium alloy with nikasil, high silicon content pistons coated with molybdenum sulphite for high-demanding operations.

Very easy to start in both cold and warm condition, excellent reliability and very low vibrations.

Efficient and low fuel consumption:

  1. @ 4100 RPM: 1.26 l/hour.
  2. @ 5500 RPM: 3.15 l/hour
  3. @ 6000 RPM: 4.7 l/hour

A heavy fuel engine option is available on demand.


Köpari can be suited with <8kg (18lbs) payload (talk to one of our Representatives about special configurations).

Our standard gimbal configurations offer multiple tracking algorithms, manual/auto-tracking and target locking, and optional built-in IMU.

Two options are available:

  1. 3-sensor gimbal: EO/IR-LRF and a 2km Laser Range Finder with optionalaser illuminator.
  2. 4 sensor gimbal: EO/IR, LWIR camera, 4-channel multispectral, and a 3.5km Laser Range Finder with optional laser illuminator.

For technical specifications of our gimbal options, please follow the link.