As solutions provider, Aerofoundry characterize for addressing its partners and customers requirements finding the most adequate and cost-effective avionics, datalink, and sensor integration in our aerial platforms.

Below we present a few of the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconaissance, and Target Acquisition solutions we offer in our Homeland Security platforms, capable of search, detect, track and range air, sea and ground targets, providing detection and target position & distance, and designation.

Custom integration

We also offer integration of spectrometer, Lidar, photogrammetry and niche sensor (gammaray sensors, magnetometers, etc). 

Or you just contact us with your requirements, or with your own sensor to be integrated into one of our platforms.



Integrated standalone in Köpari, and in tandem configuration with Radar or other third-party in Yaró.

EO/IR gimbal on a high accuracy 2-axis gyro stabilized platform, with:

  1. 20× HD camera (55.4°~ 2.9° FOV).
  2. LWIR camera (640×512px, 8μm~12μm, 75mm fixed focal length), with a recognition distance of ≥1km [1.8×0.5m].
  3. 3.5km Laser Range Finder with a ≤ ± 5m accuracy at 2km.
  4. 4-channel multi-spectral camera with a detection and recognition of a camouflaged person by combined graphic of multi-spectral camera (human recognition [1.8×0.5m] at ≥500m).

Specially designed for day/night ISR and target searching with a 2km target recognition, positioning, ranging and tracking.

Video channel switchable between daylight /IR, multi-spectral/daylight mode, with image video processing in real time, and multiple tracking algorithms, manual/auto-tracking and target locking, and optional built-in IMU.

AF-20 MS

EO/LWIR/Multispectral - - LRF

Integrated standalone in Köpari, and in tandem configuration Radar or other third-party sensors in Yaró.

EO/IR-LRF with optional laser illuminator. 

HD camera with a 30× zoom, LWIR camera, and a 2km Laser Range Finder (positioning, ranging and tracking) with ±5m accuracy, with optional laser illuminator.

Detect, recognize and pinpoint the target Output video signal of view image Target tracking and locking Output line of sight self-checking function.

Specially designed for day/night ISR and target searching with a 2km target recognition, positioning, ranging and tracking.

AF-100 TA

EO/MWIR - LRF/Laser Designator

Integrated standalone in Yaró for laser target designation.

EO/IR-LRF with optional laser illuminator.

EO/IR gimbal on a high accuracy 2-axis 4-gimbal gyro stabilized platform (25μrad), and high accuracy (±0.1°).

  1. 38× HD camera, 3.7~4.8μm fixed focal length, MCT IR camera (3.7~4.8μm), a 10km Laser Range Finder with a ≤±5m accuracy.
  2. Laser designator with 50mJ and 10-25ns pulse, at 7-21Hz.
  3. Video tracking of 3x3px with an accuracy of ≤1 pixel and >1mrad. The target tracking response is 20ms at a ≥2.5FOV/s speed.

This is a high accuracy gyro stabilization platform for accurate target designation and weapons guidinh system.

Guardian Radar

Multichannel SAR or FOPEN

Integrated in Yaró with AF-20 or AF-20 MS.

MetaSensing Guardian Multichannel Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) for high resolution real time imaging, moving target detection and tracking, maritime and border surveillance.

  1. Operational frequencies alternatives: P-, L-, C-, X-, Ku-, Ka-bands
  2. Waveforms: FMCW, I-FMCW, Pulse.
  3. Full polarimetry, multi-frequency.
  4. 360º surveillance, detects and georeferences moving targets ranging from fast moving vehicles to walking individuals.
  5. Real-Time High-resolution SAR images.
  6. Spotlight, Stripmap, Inverse SAR.
  7. Maritime Moving Target Indicator (MMTI), Ground Mapping (GM), Sea Surveillance (SS), High Sea State (HSS).
  8. FOPEN implementation (P band or P+X) for wide-area surveillance and situational awareness of foliage covered areas.
  9. Penetration in forest, sand and ice and can be combined with other bands (usually X-band).
  10. Detection of stationary and moving objects in forests using low-frequency SAR with optimal geometric resolution to discriminate the objects from the background.
  11. The X-band max. range is 60k, with a resolution of <20cm.